Social Care reviews

We are a leading provider of multi-disciplinary teams to conduct assessments and reviews of social care packages, including rightsizing of care packages and double-to-single handed care reviews. 

Stroke services

Leading the field, we have been featured by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and OT News for our work to involve occupational therapy more closely in the heart of social care services, helping councils move away from commissioned packages of care, focusing on the strengths of clients and encouraging independence and reablement. The article in OT News was in October 2017, pages 16-18 

We believe that involving occupational therapists in social care is essential to a holistic approach to supporting individuals, improving care services and making use of the available care resources.

We offer bespoke services depending on the needs of the councils, from small pilot studies as a ‘proof of concept’ to largescale review projects to help right-size care packages and ensure the appropriate allocation of resources.

Our approach focuses both on identifying the strengths of clients and encouraging their independence and reablement through alternative equipment and adaptations, and also on working with carers and care agencies to ensure they have appropriate training and policies in place to facilitate the appropriate allocation of resources.

Benefits of our Reviews

The benefit of these assessments and reviews is that the care provided to each person is then tailored to their specific needs. For local authorities, this can also be viewed as an ‘invest to save’ service to better utilise stretched budgets.

Reviews ensure:

  • residents get the care they need 
  • annual reviews are undertaken in line with Care Act requirements
  • the local authority’s scarce care resources are used where they are most required

Case Studies

See the case studies below for details of the savings and improvements we have helped to implement through our services.

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