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We are a leading provider of occupational therapy services to local authorities, charities, housing associations, equipment retailers, and private organisations and individuals across the UK.

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We specialise in providing “waiting list-busting services” to local authorities. If your team has struggled to keep up with demands, either due to budgetary constraints or the unprecedented pressures posed by the pandemic then we offer a proven, reliable and cost-effective solution.

We can also offer bespoke services to take pressure off your frontline teams during reorganisations or restructuring, or to provide call-off contracts so that you can refer us any overspill during periods of peak demand.

Our service is designed to quickly integrate with your existing team and deliver services to the same standards. Unlike locum positions, our service can be used to provide end-to-end intervention, so no work is left outstanding at the end of the project.

We have worked with more than 50 local authorities at county and district level in this way, including adult and paediatric social care teams, reablement and housing departments.

As a local authority, we will work with you to establish what the best solution is for your demands, and offer a proven, cost-effective solution which puts your residents first.

We also provide ad hoc occupational therapy assessments to charities, housing associations, equipment retailers and private individuals and organisations.

This can be to help find the most suitable piece of equipment or adaptation to meet a client’s needs, provide a full holistic assessment of their home or work environment or be utilised as part of a care plan or case management input.

All of our practitioners have at least three years’ relevant experience and are supported by an experienced team of senior therapists with diverse specialisms.

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Client Testimonal

What was brilliant was your team’s ethos and attitude to working collaboratively.

They took the time to understand our processes and ways of working, highlighting where they felt something could/should work differently. For example, this highlighted need to work consistently not only in our own services but also across district and borough councils, as currently how we engage and work with them is significantly varied in each area. A piece of work that is now being picked up by our newly appointed lead OT.

Not only did your team work collaboratively with us, but they also responded quickly and appropriately where any issues did arise (which were few and far between). This meant that on the whole, where a case was passed to your team, it did not result in further work needing to be completed by us.

Michelle Logan CMgr MCMI
Service Manager – Reablement
West Hants
Registered Occupational Therapist

Case Study

To demonstrate the positive impact of our services, please check out the case study below.

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